Tuesday, April 28, 2009

90 Day Outlook: place your bets

(here is the 90-Day precipitation outlook from CPC, the Climate Prediction Center in Washington D.C., part of NOAA). The forecast for May-June-July calls for wetter than average weather for most of Minnesota, potentially good news for Minnesota farmer concerned about the risk of drought. The "skill" with a 90 day forecast is slightly better than 50-50. Although it's impossible to predict weather for a single location beyond 1-2 weeks, it is possible to predict general trends, based on Pacific Ocean water temperatures and other large-scale weather features setting up over the Northern Hemisphere.

(The 90-Day Temperature Outlook for the USA, with a better than 50-50 chance that spring in Minnesota will be cooler than average; warmer than average weather predicted for most of the southwestern U.S.) To check out the extended forecast for yourself click here.

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