Friday, April 24, 2009

Heading into a cooler, wetter weather pattern

Check out the 5-Day forecast for rainfall. It's hard to miss the giant red bulls eye in the nation's mid-center, with 3"+ rains predicted from Texas northward to Iowa and southeastern Minnesota. Today's cool front will come through dry in most areas, a few light showers possible behind the front tonight. Heavier, steadier rain is likely Sunday, maybe 1" or more of badly needed moisture. Yes, the timing could be better, but farmers will probably be relieved when the skies open up a little and restore soil moisture in time for spring planting.

Considering that extreme southeastern MN is in a "severe drought", with moderate drought extending into much of the metro area, I won't whine about the rain, even though it's going to fall on a Sunday. Lousy timing, but welcome puddles nonetheless.

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