Thursday, August 27, 2009

A top 10 list no state wants to be on

State-by-State Temperature Increases

Below are the top ten states for predicted temperature increases. Download the analysis and see what’s predicted for your state.

1. Kansas 10.4
2. Nebraska 10.3
3. Iowa 10.2
4. South Dakota 10.0
5. Oklahoma 9.9
6. Missouri 9.9
7. Illinois 9.6
8. Nevada 9.4
9. Utah 9.4
10. Colorado 9.3

"If current trends continue, the weather and landscapes of the future will be nearly unrecognizable compared to what we are used to."

— Jonathan Hoekstra, director of climate change for The Nature Conservancy

What will temperatures be like in your state in 100 years? If current trends continue, chances are they’ll be much hotter than they are today — especially if you live in the American Midwest.

A new analysis of U.S. climate projections from The Nature Conservancy finds that temperatures in the worst-hit states could be up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than present-day levels by the year 2100.

Kansas, Nebraska and other Great Plains states would be the hardest-hit by climbing temperatures, according to the analysis. But temperatures everywhere could rise by 3 degrees Fahrenheit or more, meaning all of us would feel the heavy impacts of climate change:

  • Hot summer temperatures could arrive three weeks earlier and last three weeks longer in the Northeast, with more days averaging above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In the Northwest, higher temperatures could contribute to earlier spring snowmelt, increasing the risk of forest fires and summer drought.
  • Water could become more and more scarce in the Southwest as temperatures climb and spring snowmelt declines.
  • Rising sea levels and increased storm surges could threaten low-lying coastal areas in the Southeast.
The complete story (and new research findings from the Nature Conservancy) can be found right here.

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