Friday, April 17, 2009

Global warming strikes again: up to 36" in Colorado

Sigh. Damn that global warming anyway. Looks like it’s causing some serious winter snowfall in Denver. On…..April 17: 9NEWS Meteorologist Ashton Altieri says rain in the metro area will continue to change into snow through the morning on Friday. Many areas above 6,000 feet had already reported snow and up to 10 inches of accumulation before sunrise on Friday. A WINTER STORM WARNING has been posted through Saturday morning for almost the entire Interstate 25 corridor as well as most mountain areas in Colorado. Most of southern Wyoming, including the Interstate 80 corridor, is also under a warning through Saturday at noon. The entire BLOG POST is here.

Note: The author of this blog has made a classic mistake, mistaking "weather" for "climate". Weather is CNN, climate is the History Channel. You can't look out your window and reach global conclusions, as tempting as that may be. One storm, one front, doesn't mean a thing. Professional skeptics and deniers love to point to one arctic front or one snowstorm and reach sweeping conclusions. It's short-sighted, bordering on laughable. In the same manner, one record high does not prove or validate global warming either! What's required is a careful, organized search of GLOBAL temperature records over decades, and there the trend is undeniable. It's true that temperatures have leveled off a bit since 2005, but we have NOT reversed 30+ years of warming. Rarely is the temperature trend ever a straight line, there are peaks and dips, but the overall trend in the last generation has been ever upward, and climatologists believe the upward trend will resume soon. The next time a friend or colleague or know-it-all neighbor points out the window at flurries and laughs about the "global warming hoax" gently remind them that it's weather, not climate!

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