Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why you might want to have a Plan B (inside) Sunday

Forecast precipitation from the WRF/NAM model for the 6 hour period valid 12z (7 am) Sunday morning. The bulk of the rain passes just to the south and east of St. Cloud. The model prints out a whopping .01" of rain for STC, but over .25" for the Twin Cities. Here is another classic example where the Twin Cities metro forecast has absolutely no relevance to residents of St. Cloud and the rest of central Minnesota. That difference of 70 miles or so can be HUGE on a day like Sunday. Although gray, most of Sunday will probably be dry for the greater St. Cloud area, a few spits of rain/sprinkles, while the Twin Cities metro may see 3-5 hours of rain, enough for puddles, probably enough to spoil many outdoor events. Have a Plan B ready, just in case.

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  1. Very true Paul :) you were always good at keeping us "outside" the twin cities area up to date especially when there was the possibility of bad weather. Most other stations didn't think we were populated enough to matter I guess-lol. Keep up the great work Paul! We've missed you, ThanQ for keeping us updated with these blogs :)